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It is the goal of every breeder to breed healthy purebred dogs that perform well in the show dogs or as working dogs. Most people do not realize the extensive amount of knowledge and expertise required to become a successful breeder.


Breeders that have bred and created their own kennel investing in top quality breeding stock sometimes are confronted with setbacks and frustrations with regards to fertility. A few examples are the champion bitch that does not become pregnant or the famous stud dog that suddenly becomes sterile.


My own experiences and contacts with breeders brought me to the idea of starting a clinic specifically designed for dog breeders. My clinic is unique in that it is totally focused on all aspects of canine fertility. The objective is to advise and assist the breeder with the use of the most modern techniques and equipment available. My clinic also has the equipment to determine the most optimal timing and insemination of your bitch.


As a member of the “European Veterinarian Society for Small Animal Reproduction” I am up to date with the newest developments in the field of canine fertility.

We provide the following services:


Clinical Services:


  • Diagnosing & treating fertility related disorders in dogs

  • Genetic and breeding advice

  • Reproduction examination

  • DNA testing

  • Assisting with natural breedings

  • Semen collection and evaluation

  • Shipment of chilled and frozen semen

  • Transcervical insemination with the use of an endoscope

  • Frozen semen storage (long term)

  • Stud dog management

Laboratory services:


  • Bacterial and DNA examinations

  • Progesterone testing and vaginal cytology

  • Pathological testing

  • Semen evaluation

  • Blood testing

Optimal Conception:

With the combined usage of progesterone testing, endoscopic examination of the cervix and vaginal cytology we can determine the optimal moment of conception. This combined method of three different independent test methods provides the most accurate moment of timing the onset of the ovulation.

Bacterial cultures of the reproductive trackt done on the first day of the estrus cycle helps identify any harmful bacteria that can be detrimental to the conception.

Breeding Centre

The clinic consists of a special designed breeding centre where I assist with natural breedings. The breeding centre offers the breeder to allow the mating of their bitch to take place in a calm safe environment under the supervision of a veterinarian. The veterinarian is present throughout the entire mating. This facility is especially designed to ensure the optimum safety of both the dog and the bitch.

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