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Artificial Insemination

The benefits of artificial insemination are many. The main advantages include:

  • Preventing the spread of diseases that can affect the fertility of the stud dog and the brood bitch.

  • Avoiding stress situations when the stud dog or brood bitch do not accept each other.

It should be taken into consideration that artificial insemination is not a guarantee that your bitch will become pregnant. There are many factors that play a role in determining as to whether or not your bitch will become pregnant and the liter size.

Factors involved include:

  • age of the brood bitch and stud dog

  • type of semen used (fresh/chilled/frozen)

  • semen quality and concentration

  • type of insemination (vaginal/intrauterine)

  • moment of insemination/type of progesterone test

  • possible bacterial infection of the reproductive tract of the stud dog/brood bitch

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Artificial Insemination Techniques:

Transcervical insemination

Bringing semen directly into the uterus is the most optimal method of ensuring conception. The semen is passed from the frozen semen. Semen of poor quality (low concentration) With the use of an endoscope a catheter is passed through the cervixThe endoscope is connected directly to a television monitor so that both the veterinarian and the owner can follow the entire process. No sedation is required for the bitch.

Vaginal Insemination

Vaginal insemination involves depositing semen directly in front of the cervix. It is a good method when using fresh semen that has been examined and found to be of good quality (concentration and mobility). This method can result in litter size that is similar to that of natural matings provided that the semen is of good quality).